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Phylogenetic influences on leaf trait integration in Pelargonium (Geraniaceae): convergence, divergence, and historical adaptation to a rapidly changing climate.
Differing present-day patterns of trait integration are consistent with interpretations of adaptive responses to the prevailing climate at the time of each clade's origin, and are likely to exert strong effects on clade-level responses to future climate change in the winter rainfall region of South Africa.
Cytological variation and evolution withinPelargonium sectionHoarea (Geraniaceae)
Evidence is presented to suggest that the basic chromosome numbers of x = 10 and x = 9 are derived from x = 11 by centric fusion, which would contradict the delimitation of sect.Hoarea as a natural taxon.
Anatomical and compositional changes during fruit development of ‘Galia’ melons
In leaves adjacent to developing fruit, a reduction in starch occurred during the last week of fruit development, coinciding with sharp increases in glucose, fructose and sucrose levels and an increase in total fruit-flesh sucrose from 50.4 g to 111.6 g per fruit, illustrating the importance not to harvest prematurely.