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Anatomical and Physiological Responses of the Tomato to Varying Concentrations of Sodium Chloride Sodium Sulphate, and Nutrient Solutions
Tomato plants were grown in three series of culture solutions and the leaves of plants grown in high sodium chloride solutions were more succulent than those of the base nutrient and sodium sulphate series, and high starch accumulation in the parenchymatous tissues of the basal stem was apparently correlated with high salt concentration in the culture solutions. Expand
Localization of Photoperiodic Perception in Helianthus tuberosus
In experiments with the Jerusalem artichoke, Helianthus tuberosus L., ZIMMERMAN and HITCHCOCK found that tubers were formed by the plants maintained continuously on conditions of short day, and by those capped with the black bags, but none were formed on the plants exposed to the long days of summer. Expand
Photoperiodic Induction as Influenced by Environmental Factors
  • E. M. Long
  • Biology
  • Botanical Gazette
  • 1 September 1939
Xanthium plants, when grafted to vegetative plants, continue to supply a stimulus for flower initiation when exposed to continuous long photoperiod, and soybeans exposed to an induction period of three or more consecutive long dark periods would not produce new primordia subsequently unless they were again exposed to another induction period. Expand
In a previous study (6) the influence of high osmotic concentrations of sodium salts and nutrient solutions upon the vegetative development of the tomato was reported, but no data were obtained onExpand
Developmental Anatomy of the Fruit of the Deglet Noor Date
1. The development of the fruit of the Deglet Noor date from pollination to maturation in 1941 was divided into seven periods. The calendar dates for each period refer to the fruits examined in 1941Expand
A Study of Site, Root Development, and Transportation in Relation to the Distribution of Pinus Contorta
Interest in this problem arose through the observation that lodgepole pine is never found on the southwest (Moscow) side of Thatuna Ridge, while immediately upon crossing the summit to the north or east, it occurs quite commonly in flats and on protected slopes. Expand
The determination of absolute values of the orientation parameters of partially oriented solute molecules
A method is described for determining the absolute signs of orientation parameters from measurements of the anisotropy of the dielectric constant of partially oriented solutions of polar molecules inExpand