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Taxonomic revision of Bromeliaceae subfam. Tillandsioideae based on a multi-locus DNA sequence phylogeny and morphology
A taxonomic revision of Bromeliaceae subfam. Tillandsioideae is presented based on a multi-locus DNA sequence phylogeny (viz., plastid DNA loci rpoB - trnC - petN , trnK - matK - trnK , and ycf1 ,Expand
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Phylogeny and evolution of Dyckia (Bromeliaceae) inferred from chloroplast and nuclear sequences
The genus Dyckia (Bromeliaceae) comprises more than 150 terrestrial or epilithic species with a strongly xeromorphic habit. Most of its members belong to the azonal rock vegetation of NeotropicalExpand
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The re­establishment of Andrea (Bromeliaceae: Bromelioideae), a monotypic genus from Southeastern Brazil threatened with extinction
A cladistic analysis of morphological data for the genus Canistropsis is presented. With the exception of two species, C. selloana and C. correia-araujoi, results support Canistropsis asExpand
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Molecular phylogenetics, historical biogeography and character evolution in Dyckia (Bromeliaceae, Pitcairnioideae)
Dyckia is a xeromorphic bromeliad genus with 168 species distributed throughout south-eastern South America, with the centre of diversity in Brazil. Previous phylogenetic studies based on sequenceExpand
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Biogeography and conservation status of the pineapple family (Bromeliaceae)
AIM: To provide distribution information and preliminary conservation assessments for all species of the pineapple family (Bromeliaceae), one of the most diverse and ecologically important plantExpand
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Miscellaneous New species of Brazilian Bromeliaceae
We describe and illustrate 14 miscellaneous new Bromeliaceae species from the Brazilian states of Bahia, Espirito Santo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo: Aechmea ituberaensis , A.Expand
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Waltillia , a new monotypic genus in Tillandsioideae (Bromeliaceae) arises from a rediscovered, allegedly extinct species from Brazil
A new monotypic genus of Bromeliaceae, Waltillia , is described to accommodate a single rediscovered species, Waltillia hatschbachii , thought to be extinct and formerly placed in either Vriesea orExpand
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Elucidating Phylogenetic Relationships in the Aechmea Alliance: AFLP Analysis of Portea and the Gravisia Complex (Bromeliaceae, Bromelioideae)
Abstract Genetic concepts within the Bromelioideae are highly problematic, in particular within the tank-forming “core bromelioid” clade. Previous molecular studies showed that the largest genus,Expand
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