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Metabolic Cardioprotection by Pyruvate: Recent Progress
Pyruvate, a natural metabolic fuel and antioxidant in myocardium and other tissues, exerts a variety of cardioprotective actions when provided at supraphysiological concentrations. Pyruvate increasesExpand
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Increased Lymphatic Flow in the Thoracic Duct During Manipulative Intervention
Abstract The thoracic pump and the abdominal pump are osteopathic manipulative (OM) lymphatic pump techniques frequently used by osteopathic physicians to treat patients with infections (eg,Expand
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Pyruvate improves cardiac electromechanical and metabolic recovery from cardiopulmonary arrest and resuscitation.
Severe depletion of myocardial energy and antioxidant resources during cardiac arrest culminates in electromechanical dysfunction following recovery of spontaneous circulation (ROSC). A metabolicExpand
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Pyruvate-fortified cardioplegia suppresses oxidative stress and enhances phosphorylation potential of arrested myocardium.
Cardioplegic arrest for bypass surgery imposes global ischemia on the myocardium, which generates oxyradicals and depletes myocardial high-energy phosphates. The glycolytic metabolite pyruvate, butExpand
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Pyruvate mitigates oxidative stress during reperfusion of cardioplegia-arrested myocardium.
BACKGROUND Cardioplegic arrest and reperfusion of the myocardium imposes oxidative stress that could potentially inactivate metabolic enzymes and compromise energy production. This study determinedExpand
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