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Quality Index Method (QIM) for ice stored gutted Amazonian Pintado (Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum × Leiarius marmoratus) and estimation of shelf life
Abstract This study aimed to develop a Quality Index Method (QIM) for ice stored gutted Amazonian Pintado ( Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum  ×  Leiarius marmoratus ), and estimate its shelf life of guttedExpand
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Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (LF NMR 1H) to assess the mobility of water during storage of salted fish (Sardinella brasiliensis)
Abstract The present study investigated the water mobility in muscle of salted sardines (Sardinella brasiliensis) on different days of storage, by the use of Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (LFExpand
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Stability of probiotic yogurt added with glucose oxidase in plastic materials with different permeability oxygen rates during the refrigerated storage
Abstract The stability of probiotic yogurts added with glucose oxidase and packaged in different plastic packaging systems that present different oxygen permeability transfer rates (0.09, 0.2, 0.39Expand
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Detection of honey adulteration of high fructose corn syrup by Low Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (LF 1H NMR)
Abstract The effect of honey adulteration by high fructose corn syrup in different concentrations from 0% (pure honey) to 100% (pure high fructose corn syrup) was investigated using Low Field NuclearExpand
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Changes on expected taste perception of probiotic and conventional yogurts made from goat milk after rapidly repeated exposure.
Goat milk yogurt is an excellent source of fatty acids, protein, and minerals; however, it is not well accepted by many consumers, due to its typical flavor derived from caprylic, capric, and caproicExpand
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Validation of an HPLC Methodology for the Identification and Quantification of Biogenic Amines in Chicken Meat
This study validated a high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method to determine biogenic amines in chicken meat. For the identification of biogenic amines, an isocratic elution systemExpand
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Biogenic amines as bacterial quality indicators in different poultry meat species
Biogenic amines (BA) are low molecular weight substances, formed mainly by decarboxylation of specific amino acids present in food through the action of enzymes during storage produced by someExpand
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Fatty acid profiles of five farmed Brazilian freshwater fish species from different families
The proximate composition and fatty acid (FA) profiles of five Brazilian freshwater fish species, namely Brycon cephalus (BC), Cichla ocellaris (CO), Prochilodus lineatus (PL), Leporinus fridericiExpand
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Short communication: Macrocyclic lactone residues in butter from Brazilian markets.
Macrocyclic lactones (ML) are commonly used in drug formulations for the treatment of parasites in cattle. In Brazil, except for drugs (or formulations) with long-term (half-life) effects, ML areExpand
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Mercúrio total em pescado marinho do Brasil
O mercurio (Hg) e um metal traco de relevância na area de alimentos em funcao da alta toxicidade, dos altos niveis de absorcao e  baixas taxas de excrecao, sendo acumulado na cadeia alimentar,Expand
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