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Meteor Showers from the Debris of Broken Comets: D/1819 W1 (Blanpain), 2003 WY25, and the Phoenicids
The discovery of extinct comet nucleus 2003 EH1 in the orbit of the massive Quadrantid meteor shower, and its tentative identification as a fragment of comet C/1490 Y1, is now followed by theExpand
Meteor outbursts from long-period comet dust trails
Long-period comets have narrow 1-revolution old dust trails that can cause meteor outbursts when encountered by Earth. To facilitate observing campaigns that will characterise and perhaps help findExpand
Dust Trails of Sp/Tuttle and the Unusual Outbursts of the Ursid Shower
Abstract We calculate the position of dust trails from comet 8P/Tuttle, in an effort to explain unusual Ursid meteor shower outbursts that were seen when the comet was near aphelion. Comet 8P/TuttleExpand
Orbit and dynamic origin of the recently recovered Annama's H5 chondrite
We describe the fall of Annama meteorite occurred in the remote Kola Peninsula (Russia) close to Finnish border on April 19, 2014 (local time). The fireball was instrumentally observed by the FinnishExpand
Annama H chondrite - mineralogy, physical properties, cosmic ray exposure, and parent body history
The fall of the Annama meteorite occurred early morning (local time) on April 19, 2014 on the Kola Peninsula (Russia). Based on mineralogy and physical properties, Annama is a typical H chondrite. ItExpand
An outburst of delta Pavonids and the orbit of parent comet C/1907 G1 (Grigg-Mellish)
Abstract The CAMS New Zealand meteor shower survey detected a brief outburst of delta Pavonids (IAU shower 120, code DPA) with a compact radiant on March 31, 2019. This is the first instrumentalExpand
Asteroid 2002NY40 as a source of meteorite-dropping bolides
The existence of asteroidal meteoroid streams capable of producing meteorite-dropping bolides has long being invoked, but evidence is scarce. Recent modelling of previously reported associationsExpand
The impact and recovery of asteroid 2018 LA
The June 2, 2018, impact of asteroid 2018 LA over Botswana is only the second asteroid detected in space prior to impacting over land. Here, we report on the successful recovery of meteorites.Expand
2002 Leonid storm fluxes and related orbital elements
Abstract We report here the observation of the first peak belonging to the 2002 Leonid meteor storm made during the night of November 18–19, 2002. This feature, produced by a 7-revolution dust trail,Expand