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Environmentally assisted “in-bulk” steel degradation of long term service gas trunkline
Abstract Comparison of mechanical (characteristics of strength, reduction of area and elongation, impact strength, hardness, fracture toughness), corrosion-mechanical (stress corrosion cracking inExpand
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Effect of the long‐term service of the gas pipeline on the properties of the ferrite–pearlite steel
The thorough mechanical, corrosion-mechanical, hydrogen permeation studies of X52 steel in as-received condition and after 30 years of service in gas pipeline have shown the degradation of the bulkExpand
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In-service degradation of gas trunk pipeline X52 steel
We study the mechanical and corrosion-mechanical properties and the behavior of hydrogen in X52 steel in the intact state and after operation for 30 yr. It is shown that the long-term operation ofExpand
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Effect of cathodic polarization and sulfate reducing bacteria on mechanical properties of different steels in synthetic sea water
At the slow strain rate tensile tests done using the specially designed facility, the decrease in the elongation to fracture, reduction of area, fracture energy and no effect on the strength haveExpand
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Susceptibility of Cr-Ni-Mn Stainless Steels to Pitting in Chloride Solutions
Abstract Anodic behavior of 18Cr-5Ni steels containing 0.03 to 15% Mn was studied in 0.1N H2SO4 solution with additions of 0.01 to 0.1N NaCl. The presence of 5.7 to 15% Mn in those steels decreasesExpand
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Hydrogen uptake by structural steels at cathodic protection in sea water inoculated with sulfate reducing bacteria
The effect of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) on the hydrogen permeation rate through ferrite-pearlite and sorbite steels of quite similar chemical composition was studied using a specially designedExpand
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Stress corrosion cracking of bainite 0.3C‐1Cr‐1Mn‐1Si‐1Ni type steel in acid rain simulated solution
The effect of carbon content, heat treatment and surface treatment of high strength aircraft 0.3C-1Cr-1Mn-1Si-1Ni type steel on susceptibility to pitting corrosion, on hydrogen transport and onExpand
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Effect of PACVD TiN on Pitting Corrosion of High Alloyed Tool Steel
PACVD TiN layers formed on pre-nitrided tool steel considerably decrease the active dissolution, hinder the pit nucleation, and eliminate the deterioration of the steel surface in chlorine containingExpand
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Effect of Nitrogen Content in a 18Cr-5Ni-10Mn Stainless Steel on the Pitting Susceptibility in Chloride Solutions
Abstract Anodic behavior of 18Cr-5Ni-10Mn steels containing 0.07 to 0.35% nitrogen was studied in a 0.1N H2SO4 solution with additions of 0.01 to 0.1 N NaCI. The nitrogen content in these steels doesExpand
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Hydrogen degradation of steels under long-term in-service conditions
Publisher Summary This chapter investigates the hydrogen-induced changes of mechanical properties and microstructures of two low-alloy steels and C-Mn steel as a result of their exposure toExpand
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