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Retrograde aortography in corrected transposition of the great vessels.
In relation to congenital heart diseases the term "transposition" usually applies to abnormality of position of the aorta and pulmonary artery, transposition of the great vessels. However, the termExpand
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Quantum theory of coherent spontaneous and stimulated emissions
Photon statistics are obtained from exact closed-form solutions for both spontaneous and stimulated coherent emissions by a large number of two-level atoms in a Dicke state. Depending on the initialExpand
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New coherent states of the electromagnetic field
  • E. Lu
  • Physics
  • 1 December 1971
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Extensions of an approach to currents: Three- and four-point functions of currents
SummaryPrevious work on the construction of anS-matrix theory of currents on the basis of unitarity, analyticity, Lorentz invariance and crossing is extended. The integral representations of third-Expand
Sum rules and schwinger terms in equal-time commutators
SummaryA method, generalizing the recipe of Bjorken for exploring consequences of the assumed equal-time commutation relations is presented and sum rules are then derived from the chiralU6×U6Expand
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Theory of electromechanically induced acoustic phonon echoes
A theory of electromechanically induced acoustic phonon echoes is presented. The predicted echo pulse height and width are found to depend on the exciting pulse widths and frequencies, in agreementExpand
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Finding meaningful employment