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Tethers in Space Handbook
A new edition of the Tethers in Space Handbook was needed after the last edition published in 1989. Tether-related activities have been quite busy in the 90's. We have had the flights of TSSI andExpand
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Libration Control of Electrodynamic Tethers in Inclined Orbit
Any electrodynamic tether working in an inclined orbit is affected by a dynamic instability generated by the continuos pumping of energy from electromagnetic forces into the tether attitude motion.Expand
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Electrodynamic Tether at Jupiter—I: Capture Operation and Constraints
Tethered spacecraft missions to the Jovian system suit the use of electrodynamic tethers because: 1) magnetic stresses are 100 times greater than at the Earth; 2) the stationary orbit is one-thirdExpand
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Electrodynamic Tether Applications and Constraints
Propulsion and power generation by bare electrodynamic tethers are revisited in a unified way and issues and constraints are addressed. In comparing electrodynamic tethers, which do not useExpand
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Overview of future NASA tether applications
Abstract The groundwork has been laid for tether applications in space. NASA has developed tether technology for space applications since the 1960's. Important recent milestones include retrieval ofExpand
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Geometric optimization of shapes on the basis of Bejan's Constructal theory
Abstract This paper documents the optimization of architecture in accordance with Bejan's Constructal theory. For illustration, we consider the optimization of a cavity that intrudes into a solidExpand
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SPECS: the kilometer-baseline far-IR interferometer in NASA's space science roadmap
Ultimately, after the Single Aperture Far-IR (SAFIR) telescope, astrophysicists will need a far-IR observatory that provides angular resolution comparable to that of the Hubble Space Telescope. AtExpand
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ARIA: Air Pollutants Monitoring Using UAVs
We will present an overview of ARIA project, a vertical drone swarm for air pollution monitoring. Expand
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