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Sabellidae (Annelida: Polychaeta) living in blocks of dead coral in the Coiba National Park, Panamá
  • M. Capa, E. Lopez
  • Biology
  • Journal of the Marine Biological Association of…
  • 1 February 2004
During a study devoted to the characterization of the polychaete fauna associated with dead coral (Pocillopora spp.) in the Coiba National Park, nine species belonging to seven genera of sabellids were found and three species new to science are described. Expand
Redescription of Haplosyllides floridana Augener, 1924 (Polychaeta: Syllidae: Syllinae), with notes on morphological variability and comments on the generic status
This paper redescribes the species Haplosyllides floridana Augener, 1924, on the basis of a long series of specimens collected in a sample of the sponge Xetospongia muta, off Cuba, and provides a new diagnosis for the genus. Expand
Determinantes del Crecimiento y Estimación del Producto Potencial en Chile: El Rol del Comercio
The purpose of this paper is to determine the sources of Chilean growth in the 1960-96 period. Particularly, we seek to quantify the contribution of increased trade on growth. We also estimateExpand
Revision of the genus Pionosyllis (Polychaeta: Syllidae: Eusyllinae), with a cladistic analysis, and the description of five new genera and two new species
The diagnosis of Pionosyllis is emended, and five new genera are proposed: SynmerosyllIS, Basidiosyllis, Westheidesyllis; Perkinsyllis and Brevicirrosyllis, which are newly named within the frame of a new Linnean classified group. Expand
Intertidal species of Branchiomma kölliker and Pseudobranchiomma jones (Polychaeta: Sabellidae: Sabellinae) occurring on rocky shores along the State of São Paulo, Southeastern Brazil
Four species of sabelline sabellids collected intertidally on rocky shores off the State of Sao Paulo are herein described, and some speculations about the presence of B. luctuosum in Brazil are made, as the authors consider it to be an invasive species, as has been reported to have occurred before in Italy. Expand
Ecology of Syllidae (Annelida: Polychaeta) from shallow rocky environments in the Cantabrian Sea (South Bay of Biscay)
Habitat complexity, determined by physical disturbance, is the main structuring factor in syllid populations and biotopes with the highest structural complexity displayed a high number of companion species increasing ecological indices and denoting a well-structured habitat. Expand
Autolytinae, Eusyllinae y Exogoninae (Syllidae: Polychaeta) del Parque Nacional de Coiba, Panamá
Twenty species belonging to eleven genera of the subfamilies Autolytinae, Eusyllinae and Exogoninae (Syllidae: Polychaeta) are reported from hard substrata of the Coiba National Park (Pacific coast of Panama). Expand
First Record of a Freshwater Pisionidae (Polychaeta): Description of a new Species from Panama with a Key to the Species of Pisione
This is the first report of a freshwater Pisionidae and it is one of very few known species of true freshwater polychaetes. Expand
The Paraonidae (Annelida: Sedentaria) from Norway and adjacent seas, with two new species, four new records, and a redescription of Paraonides nordica Strelzov, 1968 based on type material
Twenty-three species were identified from the study of 302 specimens belonging to the family Paraonidae which were collected from Norwegian and adjacent waters, and two new species are described. Expand