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General Formulation of the Electromagnetic Field Distribution in Machines and Devices Using Fourier Analysis
We present a general mesh-free description of the magnetic field distribution in various electromagnetic machines, actuators, and devices. Our method is based on transfer relations and FourierExpand
Modeling of Magnetically Levitated Planar Actuators With Moving Magnets
This paper presents three types of magnetostatic models of ironless planar actuators with moving magnets. The models predict the force and torque exerted on the translator of the actuator, which canExpand
Acoustic Energy Transfer: A Review
This review summarizes the work done on AET by various researchers and states that sound waves used in AET are suited for energy transmission over distances that are large in comparison to the transmitter and receiver dimensions. Expand
Active Electromagnetic Suspension System for Improved Vehicle Dynamics
This paper offers motivations for an electromagnetic active suspension system that provides both additional stability and maneuverability by performing active roll and pitch control during corneringExpand
Flux-Switching Machine With DC Excitation
This paper proposes a topology of flux-switching machine with dc excitation to improve the field-weakening capability of flux-switching machines. This dc-excited flux-switching machine preserves theExpand
Efficiency of a Regenerative Direct-Drive Electromagnetic Active Suspension
The efficiency and power consumption of a direct-drive electromagnetic active suspension system for automotive applications are investigated and a linear quadratic regulator controller is developed for the improvement of comfort and handling. Expand
Design Aspects of an Active Electromagnetic Suspension System for Automotive Applications
This paper is concerned with the design aspects of an active electromagnet suspension system for automotive applications which combines a brushless tubular permanent-magnet actuator with a passiveExpand
Manifold-mapping optimization applied to linear actuator design
Optimization procedures, in practice, are based on highly accurate models that typically have an excessive computational cost. By exploiting auxiliary models that are less accurate, but much cheaperExpand
Inductance Calculations of Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machines Including Flux Change and Self- and Cross-Saturations
Accurate inductance calculation of permanent-magnet synchronous machines is a relevant topic, since the inductances determine a large part of the electrical machine behavior. However, the inductanceExpand
Modeling of Flux Switching Permanent Magnet Machines With Fourier Analysis
For applications demanding a high torque density and high speed capability, the flux switching permanent magnet machine is an excellent candidate. However, the double salient structure and nonlinearExpand