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Nationalizing the Russian Empire: The Campaign against Enemy Aliens during World War I
Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Nationalist Challenges, Imperial Dilemmas 2. The Moscow Riots 3. Nationalizing the Commercial and Industrial Economy 4. Nationalizing the Land 5. Forced MigrationExpand
Russian Citizenship: From Empire to Soviet Union
  • E. Lohr
  • Political Science
  • 31 October 2012
Russian Citizenship is the first book to trace the Russian state's citizenship policy throughout its history. Focusing on the period from the mid-nineteenth century to the consolidation of Stalin'sExpand
War and revolution, 1914–1917
Oxygen Tension Distribution in Head and Neck Carcinomas after Peroral Oxygen Therapy
This work has shown that the response on radiotherapy in human tumors is correlated to the oxygen supply, and Polarographic needle electrodes offer a feasible tool to determin the response. Expand
The Russian Army and the Jews: Mass Deportation, Hostages, and Violence during World War I
Although the number of Jewish civilians singled out and forced from their homes within the borders of the Russian Empire between 1914 and 1917 remains speculative, estimates range from half a millionExpand
Russian Citizenship
  • E. Lohr
  • Political Science
  • 1 November 2013
Although the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 marked a clear turning point in Russian ideas of citizenship, present views on this topic share certain key concepts with the country's imperial past.
1917: Revolution as Demobilization and State Collapse
Our essay proposes that while the predominant concept of revolution as driven by the mobilization of social, political, and cultural forces has value, at least as important for understanding theExpand
Russian Economic Nationalism during the First World War: Moscow Merchants and Commercial Diasporas
  • E. Lohr
  • Political Science
  • Nationalities Papers
  • 1 December 2003
While accounts of the end of the Ottoman and Hapsburg empires have often stressed the rise of Turkish and German nationalisms, narratives of the Romanov collapse have generally not portrayed RussianExpand