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Tunneling magnetoresistive heads beyond 150 Gb/in/sup 2/
Tunneling magnetoresistive (TMR) readers capable of 150 Gb/in/sup 2/ of areal density magnetic recording for hard disk drive were demonstrated with bit-error-rate performance. The head design used isExpand
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Jury Research: A Review and Bibliography
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Stress effects on the magnetic properties of FeMn and NiMn spin valves
The effects of stress on exchange coupling field, H/sub ex/, coercivity, H/sub c/, and pinning field, H/sub p/, in NiFe/FeMn and NiFe/NiMn exchange-biased spin valves deposited using ion beamExpand
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The relationship between the transformation kinetics and exchange field development in PTMNCR/NIFE bilayers
PtMnCr and other ordered tetragonal alloys used as antiferromagnetic pinning layers are in a nonmagnetic, disordered FCC phase upon deposition. In order to induce the FCT antiferromagnetic L10Expand
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