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Book Review: Selected Writings, Volume 4, 1938-1940
The fourth volume of Walter Benjamin’s Selected Writings completes Harvard’s project of bringing together the previous translations of Benjamin’s work, revising and correcting some of these,Expand
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Walter Benjamin: Overpowering Conformism
Book synopsis: Esther Leslie’s path-breaking study of Walter Benjamin is unlike any other book presently available in English on Benjamin, in seeking to make a case for a more politicised reading ofExpand
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A defence of history and class consciousness : tailism and the dialectic
Lukacs's masterpiece History and Class Consciousness (1923) is commonly held to be the foundational text for the tradition known as Western Marxism. As Stalinism took over, Lukacs was subjected toExpand
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One step forwards, two steps back
Book synopsis: How should we understand the twentieth century? Some writers have responded to the past by lapsing into deep historical pessimism, for this was the century of genocide, of Hitler andExpand
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Wrapping the Reichstag
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On making-up and breaking-up: woman and ware, craving and corpse in Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project
Walter Benjamin's writings on the Paris shopping arcades and nineteenth- century urban industrial culture are frequently referenced in contemporary examinations of ‘modernity'. In current culturalExpand
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Synthetic Worlds: Nature, Art and the Chemical Industry
Book synopsis: Synthetic Worlds considers the remarkable alliance between chemistry and art, taking us from the late eighteenth century to the period immediately following the Second World War.Expand
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Walter Benjamin: Traces of Craft
This paper considers Walter Benjamin's theory of the object in the industrial age. Benjamin's work is replete with images of craft practices. Pot-throwing and weaving appear as paradigms of authenticExpand
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Hollywood Flatlands: Animation, Critical Theory and the Avant-Garde
Book synopsis: With ruminations on drawing, colour and caricature, on the political meaning of fairy-tales, talking animals and human beings as machines, Hollywood Flatlands brings to light the linksExpand
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