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Growth hormone co-treatment in IVF/ICSI cycles in poor responders
GH administration in IVF/ICSI cycles for poor responders raises ovarian sensitivity to the gonadotropin exogenous influence, increasing number of high-quality embryos and the probability of pregnancy. Expand
Ectopic pregnancy following in vitro fertilization: meta-analysis and single-center experience during 6 years
Present meta-analysis suggests that EP rate is similar following fresh blastocyst and cleavage ETs, but is significantly reduced after frozen compared with fresh ET, and demonstrates that tubal pathology has the major impact on EP occurrence following assisted conception. Expand
Successful Pregnancy Outcome in Women with Recurrent IVF Failure and Anti-hCG Autoimmunity: A Report of Three Cases
A novel approach to conservative treatment of immunologic reproductive failure, suggested for selected patients, included membrane plasmapheresis, combined prednisolone, and intravenous immunoglobulin therapy, and no adverse side effects were observed. Expand
Association between anti-chlamydial immunity and IVF outcome
Anti-chlamydial antibody detection is not related to oocyte maturity, embryo quality, pregnancy and life birth rates, however, past chlamydials infection in TFI patients is associated with decreased IVF success: “poor response” to ovarian stimulation and missed abortion rate. Expand
Age and Serum AMH and FSH Levels as Predictors of the Number of Oocytes Retrieved from Chromosomal Translocation Carriers after Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation: Applicability and Limitations
It is suggested that chromosomal translocations per se do not increase the risk of poor oocyte retrieval outcome after controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH), and in translocation carriers, oocytes retrieval outcome depends to a large extent on their age. Expand
[Effects of verapamil and gynipral on the uterine contractile activity in rats].
Verapamil and gynipral administered to pregnant rats in doses on a clinical level suppress the uterine contractions, which is manifested by a decrease in the amplitude and frequency of theExpand
Predictive value of ovarian hormone-producing function assessment in poor responders undergoing assisted reproductive technologies
Evaluating of the serum estradiol / testosterone ratio has been shown to determine aromatase activity of ovarian preovulatory follicles and to predict IVF outcome in poor responders undergoing assisted reproductive technology. Expand
[Gestagenic and contraceptive activity of new synthetic progesterone analogs in experimental animals].
The gestagenic activity of new 17alpha-hydroxyprogesterone analogs was studied in experiments on infantile female rabbits and ovariectomized animals, and butagest, megestrol capronate, and AMOL isopropyl ester showed the ability to maintain pregnancy in ovariected female rabbits. Expand
Protamine 1 and 2 mRNA Abundance in Human Spermatozoa and Its Relation to Semen Quality and Sperm DNA Fragmentation among Fertility Clinic Patients
Abstract Sperm contain a complex population of coding and noncoding RNA, and the utility of sperm RNA in fertility research is currently being explored. The aim of this study was to estimate theExpand
Suboptimal response to controlled ovarian stimulation in IVF / ICSI cycles
Concomitant uterine fibroids represented an additional factor of negative influence on IVF / ICSI outcomes in women with a suboptimal response to COS and the male factor of infertility in patients with anovulation did not reduce the efficacy of ART programs. Expand