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Cyclosporine therapy of aplastic anaemia, congenital and acquired red cell aplasia
Summary. We treated 22 patients with severe aplastic anaemia refractory to antithymocyte globulin (ATG) with cyclosporine, alone or in combination with prednisone. Eight patients showed significantExpand
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An Intrinsic Pathogenicity Index for Microorganisms Causing Infection in a Neonatal Surgical Unit
The intrinsic pathogenicity index (IPI) for a particular microorganism is defined as the ratio of the number of patients infected by the microorganism to the number of patients colonised in theExpand
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Light Scattering from Collision-Dominated Plasmas
The scattering of electromagnetic radiation by a fully ionized, collision-dominated plasma in a magnetic field is investigated using a stochastic approach. The stochastic equations for theExpand
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Visibility issue in the Rocky Mountain West. [Relation to energy facility siting]
Clear, clean air is one of the natural resources of the Rocky Mountain West. The visibility provisions of the Clean Air Act of 1977 were intended to protect this natural resource in certain FederalExpand
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Effects of energy development on air quality in the Rocky Mountain West. [Environmental effects of coal and oil shale development]
Future need for fossil fuels may lead to an exploitation of Western coal and oil shale at the expense of the traditional clean air and clear skies of the West. This report evaluates the prospects forExpand