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Phosphorus retention capacity of root bed media of sub-surface flow constructed wetlands
Phosphorus retention by sub-surface flow constructed wetlands is dependent upon the effluent quality, loading rate and type of root bed media. Three types of root bed media (Lockport dolomite,Expand
Diurnal energy and water exchanges in bulrush millet in an area of high solar radiation
Abstract The diurnal energy and water relationships of a crop of bulrush millet (Pennisetum typhoides S. et H.) were examined in an area of high solar radiation at Katherine, N.T., AustraliaExpand
The Effect of Concord Vineyard Microclimate on Yield. I. The Effects of Pruning, Training, and Shoot Positioning on Radiation Microclimate
The effect of pruning severity (3-51 nodes retained per meter of row), training method (Hudson River Umbrella or Geneva Double Curtain), and shoot positioning on the radiation microclimate of ConcordExpand
Spectra of air pressure fluctuations at the soil surface
Spectra of air pressure and wind were obtained that cover a frequency range from 10−4 to 102 Hz during both day and night with and without a corn crop. The pressure spectra were very similar to thoseExpand
Theory of soil air movement due to pressure fluctuations
Abstract An equation has been derived from which the air pressure at any point in the soil can be calculated from the variance spectrum of air pressure at the soil surface. From the equation, twoExpand
Variations of carbon dioxide, air temperature, and horizontal wind within and above a maize crop
The mean and short-term fluctuations of carbon dioxide concentration, air temperature, and horizontal wind speed were measured simultaneously within and above a maize crop. Although fluctuations wereExpand