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Particle filtering algorithms for tracking an acoustic source in a reverberant environment
Traditional acoustic source localization algorithms attempt to find the current location of the acoustic source using data collected at an array of sensors at the current time only. In the presenceExpand
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Prediction of energy decay in room impulse responses simulated with an image-source model.
A method is proposed that provides an approximation of the acoustic energy decay (energy-time curve) in room impulse responses generated using the image-source technique. A geometrical analysis ofExpand
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Particle Filter with Integrated Voice Activity Detection for Acoustic Source Tracking
In noisy and reverberant environments, the problem of acoustic source localisation and tracking (ASLT) using an array of microphones presents a number of challenging difficulties. One of the mainExpand
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Forest cover trends from time series Landsat data for the Australian continent
Abstract In perennial and natural vegetation systems, monitoring changes in vegetation over time is of fundamental interest for identifying and quantifying impacts of management and naturalExpand
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Particle filtering methods for acoustic source localisation and tracking
The task of acoustic source tracking plays an important role in many practical speech acquisition systems. This research presents an extensive study of sequential Monte Carlo methods applied to theExpand
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Combining satellite data for better tropical forest monitoring
Implementation of policies to reduce forest loss challenges the Earth observation community to improve forest monitoring. An important avenue for progress is the use of new satellite missions and theExpand
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Joint Processing of Landsat and ALOS-PALSAR Data for Forest Mapping and Monitoring
Recent technological advances in the field of radar remote sensing have allowed the deployment of an increasing number of new satellite sensors. These provide an important source of Earth observationExpand
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Mapping afforestation and deforestation from 1974 to 2012 using Landsat time-series stacks in Yulin District, a key region of the Three-North Shelter region, China
The Three-North Shelter Forest Program is the largest afforestation reconstruction project in the world. Remote sensing is a crucial tool to map land use and land cover change, but it is stillExpand
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Modeling of Motion Dynamics and its Influence on the Performance of a Particle Filter for Acoustic Speaker Tracking
Methods for acoustic speaker tracking attempt to localize and track the position of a sound source in a reverberant environment using the data received at an array of microphones. This problem hasExpand
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Particle Filter Design Using Importance Sampling for Acoustic Source Localisation and Tracking in Reverberant Environments
Sequential Monte Carlo methods have been recently proposed to deal with the problem of acoustic source localisation and tracking using an array of microphones. Previous implementations make use ofExpand
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