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Theory of point estimation
This paper presents a meta-analyses of large-sample theory and its applications in the context of discrete-time reinforcement learning, which aims to clarify the role of reinforcement learning in the reinforcement-gauging process. Expand
Testing Statistical Hypotheses
The General Decision Problem.- The Probability Background.- Uniformly Most Powerful Tests.- Unbiasedness: Theory and First Applications.- Unbiasedness: Applications to Normal Distributions.-Expand
Some Concepts of Dependence
Problems involving dependent pairs of variables (X, Y) have been studied most intensively in the case of bivariate normal distributions and of 2 × 2 tables. This is due primarily to the importance ofExpand
Elements of large-sample theory
This introductory book on the most useful parts of large-sample theory is designed to be accessible to scientists outside statistics and certainly to master’s-level statistics students who ignoreExpand
Generalizations of the familywise error rate
Consider the problem of simultaneously testing null hypotheses H 1, … H s . The usual approach to dealing with the multiplicity problem is to restrict attention to procedures that control theExpand
Estimates of Location Based on Rank Tests
A serious objection to many of the classical statistical methods based on linear models or normality assumptions is their vulnerability to gross errors. For certain testing problems this difficultyExpand
Testing Statistical Hypotheses, Third Edition
The Power of Rank Tests
Simple nonparametric classes of alternatives are defined for various nonparametric hypotheses. The power of a number of such tests against these alternatives is obtained and illustrated with someExpand
The Use of Maximum Likelihood Estimates in {\chi^2} Tests for Goodness of Fit
The usual test that a sample comes from a distribution of given form is performed by counting the number of observations falling into specified cells and applying the χ2 test to these frequencies. InExpand
Nonparametrics: Statistical Methods Based on Ranks
Rank Tests for Comparing Two Treatments.- Comparing Two Treatments or Attributes in a Population Model.- Blocked Comparisons for Two Treatments.- Paired Comparisons in a Population Model and theExpand