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Polyfuran: a new synthetic approach and electronic properties
Polyfuran films have been synthesized by electropolymerization of terfuran and investigated as a function of film preparation conditions in both the doped and undoped state. These Films have beenExpand
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Synthesis and Characterization of A New Conjugated Aromatic Poly(azomethine) Derivative Based on the 3‘,4‘-Dibutyl-α-Terthiophene Building Block
A new conjugated aromatic poly(azomethine) derivative, poly(3‘,4‘-dibutyl-α-terthiophene−azomethine-1,4-phenylene−azomethine) (PBTPI), has been prepared by polycondensation ofExpand
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A general synthetic route to 2,2 prime :5 prime ,2 double prime -terpyrrole, 2,5-bis(2-pyrryl)thiophene, and alkyl-substituted analogues
A new four-step route to 2,2{prime}:5{prime},2{double prime}-terpyrroles (4, 13) and 2,5-bus(2-pyrryl)thiophenes (6, 14) is described. The key step involves a Stetter reaction between anExpand
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Synthesis of a [1,5,1,5]platyrin, a 26.pi.-electron tetrapyrrolic annulene
Synthese a partir de dimethyl-3,4 pyrrole et de dimethoxy-2,7 tetrahydro-1,4,5,8 naphtalene via la copulation chimique du bis-[dimethyl-3,4 pyrrolyl-2]-2,7 tetrahydro-2,3,4,4a,5,6 naphtalene et deExpand
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