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Reducing Duplicate Filters in Deep Neural Networks
This paper investigates the presence of duplicate neurons or filters in neural networks. This phenomenon is prevalent in networks and increases with the number of filters in a layer. We observe theExpand
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Fast Lexicon-Based Scene Text Recognition with Sparse Belief Propagation
We propose a flexible probabilistic model for character recognition that integrates local language properties, such as bigrams, with lexical decision, having open and closed vocabulary modes that operate simultaneously. Expand
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Citation Worthiness of Sentences in Scientific Reports
In this paper, we introduce the task of citation worthiness for scientific texts at a sentence-level granularity. Expand
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Supervised Learning and Bayesian Classification
This document discusses Bayesian classification in the context of super vised learning. Supervised learning is defined. An approach is described in w hich feature likelihooods are estimated fromExpand
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A New Approach to Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer ’ s Disease
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is not a normal part of aging and does not inevitably happen in the later stages of life. It is a disorder of nerve cells in the brain that impairs memory and often leads toExpand