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Subcellular localization and detection of Tobacco mosaic virus ORF6 protein by immunoelectron microscopy
Members of the genus Tobamovirus represent one of the best-characterized groups of plant positive, single stranded RNA viruses. Previous studies have shown that genomes of some tobamoviruses containExpand
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Immunogenic compositions assembled from tobacco mosaic virus-generated spherical particle platforms and foreign antigens.
We reported recently that RNA-free spherical particles (SPs) generated by thermal remodelling of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) are capable of binding GFP to their surface. Here, we show that SPsExpand
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Complexes assembled from TMV-derived spherical particles and entire virions of heterogeneous nature
Previously, we described some structural features of spherical particles (SPs) generated by thermal remodelling of the tobacco mosaic virus. The SPs represent a universal platform that could bindExpand
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RNA phloem transport mediated by pre-miRNA and viral tRNA-like structures.
Phloem-mobile mRNAs are assumed to contain sequence elements directing RNA to the phloem translocation pathway. One of such elements is represented by tRNA sequences embedded in untranslated regionsExpand
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Acquisition of Full-Length Viral Helicase Domains by Insect Retrotransposon-Encoded Polypeptides
Recent metagenomic studies in insects identified many sequences unexpectedly closely related to plant virus genes. Here we describe a new example of this kind, insect R1 LINEs with an additionalExpand
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Plant-specific 4/1 polypeptide interacts with an endoplasmic reticulum protein related to human BAP31
AbstractMain conclusionThe plant-specific 4/1 protein interacts, both in yeast two-hybrid system and in vitro, and co-localizes in plant cells with plant BAP-like protein, the orthologue of humanExpand
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A novel block of plant virus movement genes.
Hibiscus green spot virus (HGSV) is a recently discovered and so far poorly characterized bacilliform plant virus with a positive-stranded RNA genome consisting of three RNA species. Here, weExpand
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Translation of the shallot virus X TGB3 gene depends on non-AUG initiation and leaky scanning.
Triple gene block (TGB), a conserved gene module found in the genomes of many filamentous and rod-shaped plant viruses, encodes three proteins, TGB1, TGB2 and TGB3, required for viral cell-to-cellExpand
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Phylogenetic and functional analyses of a plant protein related to human B-cell receptor-associated proteins.
Human B-cell receptor-associated protein BAP31 (HsBAP31) is the endoplasmic reticulum-resident protein involved in protein sorting and transport as well as pro-apoptotic signaling. Plant orthologs ofExpand
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RNA helicase domains of viral origin in proteins of insect retrotransposons: possible source for evolutionary advantages
Recently, a novel phenomenon of horizontal gene transfer of helicase-encoding sequence from positive-stranded RNA viruses to LINE transposons in insect genomes was described. TRAS family transposonsExpand
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