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The Effect of Graft Height Mismatch on Contact Pressure following Osteochondral Grafting
Hypothesis Incongruity of the articular cartilage following osteochondral transplantation affects surface contact pressure. Study Design An 80 N load was applied for 120 seconds to the femoralExpand
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Titanium and titanium alloys as dental materials.
Because of light weight, high strength to weight ratio, low modulus of elasticity, and excellent corrosion resistance, titanium and some of its alloys have been important materials for the aerospaceExpand
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On the setting properties of acrylic bone cement.
In the one batch of methylmethacrylate tested the surface of the setting cement never exceeded 70 degrees centigrade while the setting time was prolonged by lowering the ambient temperature,Expand
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A theoretical and experimental analysis of polymerization shrinkage of bone cement: A potential major source of porosity.
A theoretical basis for understanding polymerization shrinkage of bone cement is presented based on density changes in converting monomer to polymer. Also, an experimental method, based onExpand
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Microleakage of endodontically treated teeth restored with posts.
A fluid filtration system using 15 psi of pressure on the penetrating fluid was used to quantify the amount of microleakage of a stainless-steel post and a carbon-fiber post system, each placed withExpand
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Marginal fit of machine-milled titanium and cast titanium single crowns.
Eighteen type IV dental stone dies were fabricated from a metal master die that replicated a tooth prepared to receive a metal ceramic crown. They were divided into three groups according to the typeExpand
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Intraorifice sealing of gutta-percha obturated root canals to prevent coronal microleakage.
A study was conducted to evaluate Cavit, Intermediate Restorative Material, and Super-EBA as intraorifice filling materials to prevent coronal microleakage. Root canal instrumentation and obturationExpand
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Mechanical Evaluation of Fracture Fixation Augmented With Tricalcium Phosphate Bone Cement in a Porous Osteoporotic Cancellous Bone Model
Objective: The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of resorbable bone cement on screw and plate-screw fracture fixation in a porous osteoporotic bone model. Methods: Experiment 1: ScrewExpand
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Composite resin color change after vital tooth bleaching.
Color change of composite resin was determined with the Minolta Chroma meter (CR-100) after four sessions of vital bleaching. Specimens of selected composite resin materials were subjected to vitalExpand
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A novel high-viscosity, two-solution acrylic bone cement: effect of chemical composition on properties.
Solutions of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) powder predissolved in methyl methacrylate (MMA) have been developed as an alternative to current powder/liquid bone cements. They utilize the sameExpand
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