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Season of Birth in Autism: A Fiction Revisited
Variations of season of birth among autistic individuals were studied. The replicability of previously reported increases in birth rates in the months of March and August were examined in groups ofExpand
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A Study of Paint Coat Characteristics Produced by Spray Paints from Shaken and Nonshaken Spray Cans
The influence of shaking spray paint cans, prior to spraying, on the characteristics of the obtained paint coatings was studied. It was found that large variations in the characteristics of sprayedExpand
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Lifting shoeprints using gelatin lifters and a hydraulic press.
A method for lifting two-dimensional dust footwear marks on rough or porous surfaces, such as cardboard or cloth, using a hydraulic press, was examined. It was found that exerting pressure on theExpand
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Abrasive Cutting of a Safe: A Case Study
A case study of an abrasive safe cutting is presented. The suspects were linked to the offense by the characteristics of two abrasive discs in their possession and debris collected from theirExpand
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Identification of Match Head Residues in Post-Explosion Debris
A method is described to detect and identify match head residues in post-explosion debris of improvised explosive devices. The method consists of visual microscopic examination, scanning electronExpand
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Estimating Projectile Perpendicular Impact Velocity on Metal Sheet Targets from the Shape of the Target Hole
Abstract:  The correlation between bullet hole shapes in metal and projectile impact velocity was examined. A series of shots were fired from an M‐16A1 assault rifle of 5.56 mm caliber toward a 1‐mmExpand
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Ein Fall von Pseudohypertrophie der untern Olive
  • Eliezer Landau
  • Biology
  • Virchows Archiv für pathologische Anatomie und…
  • 1 June 1923
Schon vor lhngerer Zeit fiberlie~ mir Herr Dozent Dr. Ch. de Montet zur Untersuchung eine Serie yon Schnit~en, an denen vor allem eine unilatera]e starke VergrSBerung der unteren Olive auffiel. DurchExpand
Über cytoarchitektonische Bauunterschiede in der Körnerschicht des Kleinhirns
W~s die Cytoarchitektonik der Grol~hirnrinde bereits zu einem schSn ausgebauten Gebiet der GroBhirnanatomie geworden ist, kann man yon einer Cytoarchitektonik der Kleinhirnrinde schlechthinExpand
New quadrature formulas based on the zeros of Jacobi polynomials
Abstract The main object of this paper is to construct a new quadrature formula based on the zeros of the polynomial (1 − x 2 ) P ( α , β ) n ( x ) P ( α , β )′ n ( x ), where P ( α , β ) n ( x ) isExpand
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Zur Zytoarchitektonik des Kleinhirns
  • Eliezer Landau
  • Medicine
  • Deutsche Zeitschrift für Nervenheilkunde
  • 1 February 1932
Das Problem der Zytoarchitektonik der Kleinhirnrinde hat nicht nur ein morphologisches, sondern auch ein physiologisches Interesse. Von manchen Forschern wird die Kleinhirnrinde als ein einziger, inExpand