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Factors influencing bruises and mortality of broilers during catching, transport, and lairage.
A multilevel analysis was performed to identify and quantify risk factors associated with mortality and bruises occurring between catching and slaughter of broiler flocks. The effect of each factorExpand
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Behavioral responses of broilers to different gaseous atmospheres.
This study was conducted to determine the differences in behavioral response of broilers when they come into contact for the first time with gas mixtures that can be used for stunning. The six testExpand
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Effects of feed deprivation and transport on preslaughter blood metabolites, early postmortem muscle metabolites, and meat quality.
In practice, poultry have their feed with drawn several hours before being collected and put on transport to the slaughter plant. With the exhaustion of their internal energy stores, the chickens mayExpand
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Comparison of bruises and mortality, stress parameters, and meat quality in manually and mechanically caught broilers.
A field trial was conducted to compare manual catching of broilers with a mechanical catching method. Both methods were compared with respect to the incidence of bruises and dead on arrival, stressExpand
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Influence of housing conditions on responses of pigs to preslaughter treatment and consequences for meat quality
The effects of housing conditions on behavioural and cortisol responses during preslaughter treatment, as well as the consequences for meat quality, were studied in 48 slaughter pigs. Pigs wereExpand
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Observations on behaviour and skin damage of slaughter pigs and treatment during lairage
In five Dutch and four Belgian slaughterhouses the following elements were studied: (1) slaughterhouse husbandry practice, (2) agonistic behaviour in groups of pigs, (3) indices of skin damageExpand
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Behavioural responses during exposure of broiler chickens to different gas mixtures
Abstract An alternative stunning system to the generally applied electrical water bath stunner for broiler chickens is gas stunning. This method of stunning can eliminate the stress associated withExpand
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Effects of a local anaesthetic and NSAID in castration of piglets, on the acute pain responses, growth and mortality.
The present study addresses the questions whether on-farm use of local anaesthesia with lidocaine leads to a reduction in pain responses during castration, and whether the non-steroidalExpand
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Effects of strawbedding on physiological responses to stressors and behavior in growing pigs
To study the effects of environmental enrichment on physiological responses to stressors and behavior in growing pigs, pigs were housed in either a poor environment (standard farrowing pens followedExpand
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Feed withdrawal of broilers before transport changes plasma hormone and metabolite concentrations.
Two experiments were completed to observe the combined effects of feed withdrawal and the catching and transport process on stress and energy metabolism. During one experiment 192 male broilers (46 dExpand
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