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Chiral and deconfinement aspects of the QCD transition
We present results on the chiral and deconfinement properties of the QCD transition at finite temperature. Calculations are performed with 2 + 1 flavors of quarks using the p4, asqtad, and HISQ/treeExpand
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Thermodynamics of SU(3) lattice gauge theory
The pressure and the energy density of the SU(3) gauge theory are calculated on lattices with temporal extent N-tau = 4, 6 and 8 and spatial extent N-sigma = 16 and 32. The results are thenExpand
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The HotQCD Collaboration
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Equation of state and QCD transition at finite temperature
We calculate the equation of state in $2+1$ flavor QCD at finite temperature with physical strange quark mass and almost physical light quark masses using lattices with temporal extentExpand
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Thermal dilepton rate and electrical conductivity: An analysis of vector current correlation functions in quenched lattice QCD
We calculate the vector current correlation function for light valence quarks in the deconfined phase of QCD. The calculations have been performed in quenched lattice QCD at T ≃ 1.45Tc for fourExpand
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The QCD Equation of State with almost Physical Quark Masses
We present results on the equation of state in QCD with two light quark flavors and a heavier strange quark. Calculations with improved staggered fermions have been performed on lattices withExpand
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The transition temperature in QCD
We present a detailed calculation of the transition temperature in QCD with two light and one heavier (strange) quark mass on lattices with temporal extent N_t =4 and 6. Calculations with improvedExpand
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Chiral crossover in QCD at zero and non-zero chemical potentials
Abstract We present results for pseudo-critical temperatures of QCD chiral crossovers at zero and non-zero values of baryon (B), strangeness (S), electric charge (Q), and isospin (I) chemicalExpand
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Quark Mass and Flavour Dependence of the QCD Phase Transition
We analyze the quark mass and flavour dependence of the QCD phase transition temperature. When the lightest pseudo-scalar meson mass (m(PS)) is larger than 2 GeV the critical temperature isExpand
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Thermodynamics of two flavor QCD to sixth order in quark chemical potential
We present results of a simulation of two flavor QCD on a 16{sup 3}x4 lattice using p4-improved staggered fermions with bare quark mass m/T=0.4. Derivatives of the thermodynamic grand canonicalExpand
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