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A simplified risk score for predicting postoperative nausea and vomiting: conclusions from cross-validations between two centers.
BACKGROUND Recently, two centers have independently developed a risk score for predicting postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV). This study investigated (1) whether risk scores are valid acrossExpand
Intake of vitamin D and risk of type 1 diabetes: a birth-cohort study
BACKGROUND Dietary vitamin D supplementation is associated with reduced risk of type 1 diabetes in animals. Our aim was to ascertain whether or not vitamin D supplementation or deficiency in infancyExpand
A survey of postoperative nausea and vomiting
A prospective interview‐based survey on the incidence of postoperative nausea and vomiting in 1107 in‐patients aged 4–86 years was conducted during a 3‐month period. Nausea, emetic episodes and theExpand
Psoriasis, its treatment, and cancer in a cohort of Finnish patients.
This study was designed to estimate the relative cancer risk of patients with moderate to severe psoriasis, with reference to different treatments. A cohort of 5687 hospitalized patients withExpand
Risk factors of age-related maculopathy in a population 70 years of age or older.
PURPOSE To evaluate possible risk factors for age-related maculopathy (ARM) in an epidemiologic cross-sectional population study of inhabitants 70 years of age or older in a rural area in OuluExpand
Incremental effectiveness of pneumococcal vaccine on simultaneously administered influenza vaccine in preventing pneumonia and pneumococcal pneumonia among persons aged 65 years or older.
The effectiveness of simultaneously administered influenza and pneumococcal vaccines vs. influenza vaccine alone in preventing pneumonia, pneumococcal pneumonia and pneumococcal bacteraemia among theExpand
The Role of Adiposity in Cardiometabolic Traits: A Mendelian Randomization Analysis
In this study, Prokopenko and colleagues provide novel evidence for causal relationship between adiposity and heart failure and increased liver enzymes using a Mendelian randomization study design.Expand
Coffee consumption and mortality in a 14-year follow-up of an elderly northern Finnish population
The present study assessed the relationship between coffee consumption and mortality in a home-dwelling elderly population. A population-based cohort of 817 men and women born in 1920 or earlier andExpand
Estimates of the worldwide frequency of sixteen major cancers in 1980
The numbers of new cancer cases in 16 common sites occurring in 1980 have been estimated for 24 areas of the world for which the United Nations produces population estimates. For the world as aExpand
Comparison of ultrasound, radiography, and clinical examination in the diagnosis of acute maxillary sinusitis: a systematic review.
The objective of this study was to assess the discriminative properties of the methods for diagnosing acute maxillary sinusitis (AMS) in unselected patients. The study design was a systematic reviewExpand