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Gram-negative polychlorophenol-degrading bacterial strains KF1T (T = type strain), KF3, and NKF1, which were described previously as Pseudomonas saccharophila strains, were studied by chemotaxonomic,(More)
Three independently isolated polychlorophenol-degrading strains of bacteria were characterized on the basis of chemotaxonomic and nutritional characteristics. Previously, these strains were assigned(More)
BACKGROUND Familial amyloidosis of the Finnish type (FAF, Finnish hereditary amyloidosis) is caused by a 654G-A mutation in the gelsolin gene on chromosome 9 resulting in the expression of mutant(More)
"Viili," a fermented milk product, has a firm but viscous consistency. It is produced with traditional mesophilic mixed-strain starters, which have various stabilities in dairy practice. Thirteen(More)