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Albumin helps mediate removal of taurocholate by rat liver.
Perfused rat liver removes 97% of the taurocholate from the afferent circulation when the perfusate albumin concentration is 0.5 g/dl. Increasing the albumin concentration 10-fold reduces theExpand
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Albumin-mediated transport of rose bengal by perfused rat liver. Kinetics of the reaction at the cell surface.
Rapid dissociation of organic anions from plasma albumin maximizes the presentation of free ligand to the cell surface and thus favors its efficient hepatic extraction. Even assuming these optimalExpand
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Effect of albumin binding on the hepatic transport of rose bengal: surface-mediated dissociation of limited capacity.
We have studied the steady-state removal of rose bengal by perfused rat livers to decide whether the tight association of this anion with albumin is consistent with the conventional view that onlyExpand
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Palmitate uptake by hepatocyte monolayers. Effect of albumin binding.
The uptake of 14C-palmitate by rat liver cell monolayers is depressed by binding of the fatty acid to albumin. When the uptake flux is divided by the concentration of free palmitate in the bathingExpand
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Mechanisms of hepatic bile formation.
  • E. L. Forker
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Annual review of physiology
  • 1977
It should be evident from this review of recent investigations that we are still very far from a consistent description of bile formation, much less a satisfactory understanding. Nevertheless certainExpand
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The formation of abnormal bile and cholesterol gallstones from dietary cholesterol in the prairie dog.
To study the pathogenesis of cholesterol gallstones, we fed 24 adult male prairie dogs a high cholesterol, egg yolk diet. 13 control animals received a cholesterol-free diet. All animals fed the eggExpand
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Palmitate uptake by cultured hepatocytes: albumin binding and stagnant layer phenomena.
We compared uptake of palmitate by hepatocyte monolayers with uptake by polyethylene membranes under conditions of identical binding and stirring. Hepatocytes and polyethylene display similarExpand
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Beta-lactoglobulin enhances the uptake of free palmitate by hepatocyte monolayers: the relative importance of diffusion and facilitated dissociation.
We compared the uptake of bound palmitate by rat hepatocytes to its uptake by polyethylene using beta-lactoglobulin (BLG) as the binding protein. The experiments were designed to supply a directExpand
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Simulation and analysis of hepatic indicator dilution curves.
The "multiple-indicator dilution method" of measuring hepatic transport kinetics is subjected to simulation analysis. The objective is to examine the errors that may arise from treating theExpand
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