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Study of geothermal water intrusion due to groundwater exploitation in the Puebla Valley aquifer system, Mexico
Significant intrusion of geothermal water into fresh groundwater takes place in the Puebla Valley aquifer system, Mexico. The decline in the potentiometric surface due to the overexploitation of theExpand
Analysis of the distribution of the order parameter of synthetic seismicity generated by a simple spring–block system with asperities
By analyzing the synthetic seismicity generated by a simple spring–block system with asperities, the probability distribution of its order parameter is investigated. The spring–block system mimicsExpand
Geophysical characterization of the Etla Valley aquifer, Oaxaca, Mexico
La ciudad de Oaxaca ha incrementado considerablemente sus necesidades de agua durante los ultimos 20 anos. El acuifero que produce casi el 80% del total de agua que se consume en la ciudad provieneExpand
Non-Linear Analysis of Point Processes Seismic Sequences in Guerrero, Mexico: Characterization of Earthquakes and Fractal Properties
The purpose of this work is to reveal the efficiency of some statistical non-linear methods so as to characterize a seismic zone linked to subduction in Mexico. The Pacific plate subducting into theExpand
Non-extensivity analysis of seismicity within four subduction regions in Mexico
The non-extensivity approach based on the Tsallis entropy has been applied to seismicity that occurred from 1988 to 2010 along the Mexican South Pacific coast. We analyzed four different regions,Expand
Numerical modeling of Etla Valley aquifer, Oax., Mexico: Evolution and remediation scenarios
Resumen es: Se presenta un modelo geohidrologico evolutivo 3D a corto plazo (para los anos 2001, 2005 y 2015) del acuifero somero del Valle de Etla, Oaxaca, sureste ...
Saltwater intrusion of the Costa de Hermosillo aquifer, Sonora, Mexico: A numerical simulation
La inversion de datos gravimetricos nos permitio obtener la topografia del basamento del acuifero de Costa de Hermosillo.La profundidad del basamento es compleja y varia entre 300 y 3500 m,Expand
Shallow submarine and subaerial, low-enthalpy hydrothermal manifestations in Punta Banda, Baja Calif
Abstract The low-enthalpy geothermal system at Punta Banda (NW Baja California Peninsula, Mexico) has been studied because it might provide heat to future desalination plants in the city of Ensenada.Expand
Geochemical and Sr-Nd isotopic characterization of the Miocene volcanic events in the Sierra Madre del Sur, central and southeastern Oaxaca, Mexico
The Etla, Mitla-Tlacolula and Nejapa volcanic regions in central and southeastern Oaxaca comprise the southeastern part of a wide Cenozoic magmatic arc in the Sierra Madre del Sur. Most volcanicExpand
Natural time analysis: On the deadly Mexico M8.2 earthquake on 7 September 2017
Abstract A widespread opinion appears to prevail that the two recent deadly Mexico earthquakes, i.e., M8.2 on 7 September 2017 and M7.1 on 19 September 2017, in Chiapas and Morelos regions,Expand