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American Academy of Clinical Toxicology Practice Guidelines on the Treatment of Methanol Poisoning
Epidemiology: Almost all cases of acute methanol toxicity result from ingestion, though rarely cases of poisoning have followed inhalation or dermal absorption. The absorption of methanol followingExpand
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American Academy of Clinical Toxicology Practice Guidelines on the Treatment of Ethylene Glycol Poisoning. Ad Hoc Committee.
Fomepizole (4-methylpyrazole, 4-MP, Antizol) is a potent inhibitor of alcohol dehydrogenase that was approved recently by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of ethyleneExpand
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What happens to expired medications? A survey of community medication disposal.
Improperly disposed-of expired medications pose a significant risk to children. To determine how expired medications are disposed of, 500 callers to our poison information center, 100 community andExpand
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Position Paper on Urine Alkalinization
This Position Paper was prepared using the methodology agreed by the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology (AACT) and the European Association of Poisons Centres and Clinical ToxicologistsExpand
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Multicenter Case Series of Valproic Acid Ingestion: Serum Concentrations and Toxicity
Background: Valproic acid exposures reported to poison centers have increased more than 4-fold over the last 5 years. There are no large case series published on valproic acid ingestion. Methods: AExpand
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Position paper: Single-dose activated charcoal.
Single-dose activated charcoal therapy involves the oral administration or instillation by nasogastric tube of an aqueous preparation of activated charcoal after the ingestion of a poison. VolunteerExpand
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Aspects of Datura poisoning and treatment
Introduction. Datura species, especially Datura stramonium (e.g., jimsonweed), are the focus of scores of case reports that chronicle the toxidrome of anticholinergic toxicity. Mechanisms ofExpand
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Acute Hepatitis Induced by Kava Kava
Background. Herbal preparations are available widely and regarded generally by the public as harmless remedies for a variety of medical ailments. We report a case of acute hepatitis associated withExpand
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The opioid abuse and misuse epidemic: implications for pharmacists in hospitals and health systems.
PURPOSE The current epidemic of prescription opioid abuse and misuse in the United States is discussed, with an emphasis on the pharmacist's role in ensuring safe and effective opioid use. SUMMARYExpand
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Sildenafil: Clinical Toxicology Profile
Background: Sildenafil is indicated for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction. It has been used successfully in males to remediate problems associated with impaired neural and/or hemodynamicExpand
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