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Synthesis and antiamnesic activity of a series of N-acylprolyl-containing dipeptides
Summary Esters and amides of a series of N -acylprolyl-containing dipeptides were synthesized. It was established that these substances possess the ability to prevent memory decline evoked by maximalExpand
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Nootropic action of proline-based topological analogs of piracetam
Increasing attention has recently been given to nootropic compounds that specifically activate higher cerebral integrative functions which facilitate learning and memory processes [2, 8, 12].Expand
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Disturbed behavior of rats suffering intrauterine hypoxia is corrected by postnatal treatment with piracetam
at midday in summer and at 18:00 h in the fall; for the right ventricle in the fall at either time). In the winter period, verapamil reliably increased the contractility reserves of both ventriclesExpand
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[Sodium oxybutyrate normalizes the central nervous system functions in the progeny of rats subjected to hypobaric hypoxia during pregnancy].
Two-hour hypobaric hypoxia of rats on day 15 of their pregnancy led to a reduction in weight gain of pups within 20 days after birth, disturbed memory in active and passive paradigms, changedExpand
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[Behavior disorders in rats exposed to intrauterine hypoxia, and their correction by postnatal treatment with piracetam].
Hypobaric hypoxia of the pregnant rats was followed by the reduction of weight gain of the newborn pups, delayed impairment of memory (passive and active tasks) and changes of extrapolative waterExpand
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Proline-Containing Dipeptide GVS-111 Retains Nootropic Activity after Oral Administration
Experiments on rats trained passive avoidance task showed that N-phenyl-acetyl-L-prolyl-glycyl ethyl ester, peptide analog of piracetam (GVS-111, Noopept) after oral administration retainedExpand
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Piracetam as a corrector of the delayed learning disabilities caused by prenatal alcoholization: The importance of times of treatment
The use of piracetam from the 8th to the 20th day of postnatal development prevents disruption of the elaboration of the conditioned bilateral avoidance reflex in the shuttle box in mature maleExpand
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[Preclinical study of anxiolytic activity and safety of Racium phytomedicine].
Results of a preclinical study of the anxiolytic activity and safety of original Racium phytomedicine are presented. The preparation possessed high anxiolytic activity, exhibits a wide range ofExpand
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