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Death of the Guilds: Professions, States, and the Advance of Capitalism, 1930 to the Present
In this wide-ranging analysis, Elliot Krause considers the autonomy and leverage of modern professional groups---medicine, law, university teaching, and engineering---in the United States and fourExpand
The Sociology Of Occupations
Functions of a Bureaucratic Ideology: “Citizen Participation”
Bureaucracies are users of ideologies, aimed at target groups for the purpose of energizing these groups toward acting in the interest of the bureaucracy and groups who are in a position to use itExpand
Bureaucratisation in Northwestern Europe, 1880-1985 : domination and governance
Perhaps the most significant feature of the social government systems of the 20th century in North-Western Europe has been the growth of bureaucracy. Focusing on the systems of Britain, France,Expand
Health Planning as a Managerial Ideology
  • E. Krause
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • International journal of health services…
  • 1 July 1973
It is concluded that health planning cannot operate in the present sociopolitical context except as an ideology to justify the status quo in health services. Expand
After the Rehabilitation Center
In the Shadow of Medicine: Remaking the Division of Labor in Health Care.
When going to take the experience or thoughts forms others, book can be a good source. It's true. You can read this in the shadow of medicine remaking the division of labor in health care as theExpand
The Political Context of Health Service Regulation
  • E. Krause
  • Economics, Medicine
  • International journal of health services…
  • 1 October 1975
regulation in the United States cannot work, and four alternatives are presented and briefly evaluated: tinkering, centralized regulation, national health service, and general nationalization of most major economic sectors. Expand