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Genesis of ringwoodite during metamorphism induced by impact waves: Experimental data
Ringwoodite, a high-density olivine modification, was first synthesized by loading plagioclase-biotite-quartz schist containing garnet and staurolite by impact waves. Ringwoodite was identified inExpand
Experimental shock metamorphism of the L4 ordinary chondrite Saratov induced by spherical shock waves up to 400 GPa
Abstract– We carried out shock experiments on macroscopic spherical samples of the L4 ordinary chondrite Saratov (natural shock stages S2–S3), using explosively generated spherical shock waves withExpand
Effect of spherically converging stress waves on the phase composition, structure, and physicochemical transformations of the mixture of aluminum and quartz powders
The phase composition and structure of a mixture of aluminum and quartz powders taken in a ratio of 1:1 have been studied after loading by spherical converging shock waves. A number of concentricExpand
Special features in convergence dynamics of steel shells under their explosive loading. Results of laser-interferometric measurements
The Fabry-Perot laser-interferometric diagnostics and the recovery method were used to study features of the convergence dynamics for high-radii shells of hardened 30KhGSA steel (HRC 35–40) andExpand
Processes in iron compressed in spherical systems are characterized by: a wide range of thermodynamic and straining parameters, polymorphous and other phase transitions, spall and shear fractures,Expand
Effect of spherically converging shock waves on deformation and phase behavior of high-purity iron
Optical metallography, transmission electron microscopy, and microhardness measurements were used to perform a layer-by-layer study of the structure of a high-purity iron sphere 166 mm in diameterExpand
2D- and 3D-explosive experiments for verification of spall and shear strength models for some steels
The optical-lever method and laser interferometry were used to obtain new data on dynamic behavior of the hardened 30KhGSA steel (HRC 35…40) and the austenitic 12Kh18N10T steel under their explosiveExpand
Fracture in stress waves and recompaction during the convergence of austenitic steel 12Kh18N10T shells
Austenitic steel 12Kh18N10T shells subjected to explosive loading are studied by metallographic methods. It is found that two spalls, which stop during convergence before focusing, form in loadingExpand
High-strain-rate deformation of armco iron induced by spherical and quasi-spherical converging shock waves and the mechanism of the α-ɛ transformation
The structures of two balls made of plain commercial-purity iron and subjected to loading by spherical and quasi-spherical converging shock waves are studied by optical microscopy and transmissionExpand