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Graphviz - Open Source Graph Drawing Tools
Graphviz is a heterogeneous collection of graph drawing tools containing batch layout programs, a platform for incremental layout, customizable graph editors, utility programs useful in graph visualization; and libraries for attributed graphs. Expand
A Technique for Drawing Directed Graphs
A four-pass algorithm for drawing directed graphs is presented, which creates good drawings and is fast. Expand
Graphviz and Dynagraph - Static and Dynamic Graph Drawing Tools
Graphviz is a collection of software for viewing and manipulating abstract graphs. It provides graph visualization for tools and web sites in domains such as software engineering, networking,Expand
LiveRAC: interactive visual exploration of system management time-series data
This work presents LiveRAC, a visualization system that supports the analysis of large collections of system management time-series data consisting of hundreds of parameters across thousands of network devices, and conducts an informal longitudinal evaluation of the system to better understand which proposed visualization techniques were most useful in the target environment. Expand
The AT&T Internet Difference Engine: Tracking and viewing changes on the web
AIDE is a system that finds and displays changes to pages on the World Wide Web, including a web‐crawler that detects changes, an archive of past versions of pages, a tool to highlight changes between versions of a page, and a graphical interface to view the relationship between pages over time. Expand
Ciao: a graphical navigator for software and document repositories
Ciao is a graph-based navigator that helps programmers query and browse structural connections embedded in different software and document repositories and linked program difference databases and modification request databases so that users can investigate the connections between MRs and affected entities. Expand
A C++ data model supporting reachability analysis and dead code detection
The design rationales behind a data model for a C++ software repository that supports reachability analysis and dead code detection at the declaration level are examined and how future software repositories can be evaluated for completeness at a selected abstraction level is illustrated. Expand
Chava: reverse engineering and tracking of Java applets
Chava is presented, a system that analyzes and tracks changes in Java applets and is used to compare several Java Development Kit (JDK) versions to help spot changes that might impact Java developers. Expand
WebGUIDE: Querying and Navigating Changes in Web Repositories
Abstract WebGUIDE is a system for exploring changes to World Wide Web pages and Web structure that supports recursive document comparison: users may explore the differences between pages with respectExpand
Implementing a General-Purpose Edge Router
A collection of aesthetic attributes applicable to drawing edges in graphs are described, and a general approach for routing individual edges subject to these principles is presented. Expand