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Endfire tapered slot antennas on dielectric substrates
Endfire tapered slot antennas are suitable for many integrated circuit applications, imaging and phased arrays. We report on an investigation of single elements of such antennas, including slotsExpand
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CAD models for multilayered substrate interdigital capacitors
Conformal mapping-based models are given for interdigital capacitors on substrates with a thin superstrate and/or covering dielectric film. The models are useful for a wide range of dielectricExpand
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The tapered slot antenna-a new integrated element for millimeter-wave applications
Tapered slot antennas (TSAs) with a number of potential applications as single elements and focal plane arrays are discussed. TSAs are fabricated with photolithographic techniques and integrated inExpand
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The Odin satellite - I. Radiometer design and test
The Sub-millimetre and Millimetre Radiometer (SMR) is the main instrument on the Swedish, Canadian, Finnish and French spacecraft Odin. It consists of a 1.1 metre diameter telescope with fourExpand
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Hot-electron bolometer terahertz mixers for the Herschel Space Observatory.
We report on low noise terahertz mixers (1.4-1.9 THz) developed for the heterodyne spectrometer onboard the Herschel Space Observatory. The mixers employ double slot antenna integratedExpand
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Conversion gain and noise of niobium superconducting hot-electron-mixers
A study has been done of microwave mixing at 20 GHz using the nonlinear (power dependent) resistance of thin niobium strips in the resistive state. Our experiments give evidence that electron-heatingExpand
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We have used the rare isotopes of HCN and HNC to measure the relative abundance of these two chemical isomers in four giant molecular clouds. The lines of H/sup 13/CN, HC/sup 15/N, HN/sup 13/C, andExpand
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CAD models for shielded multilayered CPW
Conformal mapping technique is used to obtain CAD oriented closed form analytical expressions for characteristic impedance per unit length capacitance and relative effective dielectric permittivityExpand
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1.6 THz heterodyne receiver for the far infrared space telescope
Abstract A low noise heterodyne receiver is being developed for the terahertz range using a phonon-cooled hot-electron bolometric mixer based on 3.5 nm thick superconducting NbN film. In the 1–2 GHzExpand
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