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The early Universe
In the past few years one of the most exciting areas of research in physics has been the interdisciplinary field of cosmology and particle physics. The NSF's Institute for Theoretical Physics in
Report of the Dark Energy Task Force
Dark energy appears to be the dominant component of the physical Universe, yet there is no persuasive theoretical explanation for its existence or magnitude. The acceleration of the Universe is,
Largest temperature of the radiation era and its cosmological implications
The thermal history of the universe before the epoch of nucleosynthesis is unknown. The maximum temperature in the radiation-dominated era, which we will refer to as the reheat temperature, may have
Production of massive particles during reheating
What is commonly called the reheat temperature, ${T}_{\mathrm{RH}},$ is not the maximum temperature obtained after inflation. The maximum temperature is, in fact, much larger than
Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces that Shape the Universe
Astronomer Royal Martin Rees shows how the behaviour and origins of the universe can be explained by just six numbers. How did a single genesis event create billions of galaxies, black holes, stars
Primordial Nucleosynthesis Including Radiative, Coulomb, and Finite Temperature Corrections to Weak Rates
We calculate the changes in the yields of primordial nucleosynthesis which result from small corrections to rates for weak processes that connect neutrons and protons. We correct the weak rates by
Reconstructing the inflaton potential—an overview
The authors review the relation between the inflationary potential and the spectra of density waves (scalar perturbations) and gravitational waves (tensor perturbations) produced, with particular
Reopening the window on charged dark matter
We reexamine the limits on charged dark matter particles. We show that if their mass and charge fall in the range 100(qX/e)2 mX 108(qX/e) TeV, then magnetic fields prevent particles in the halo from
Probing Planckian physics : resonant production of particles during inflation and features in the primordial power spectrum
The phenomenon of the resonant production of particles after inflation has received much attention in the past few years. In a new application of the resonant production of particles, we consider the