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Black holes from high-energy beam-beam collisions
Using a recent technique, proposed by Eardley and Giddings, we extend their results to the high-energy collision of two beams of massless particles, i.e. of two finite-front shock waves. Closed
Two-dimensional gravitational anomalies, Schwinger terms and dispersion relations
Abstract We are dealing with two-dimensional gravitational anomalies, specifically with the Einstein anomaly and the Weyl anomaly, and we show that they are fully determined by dispersion relations
Localized gravity in non-compact superstring models
We discuss a string-theory-derived mechanism for localized gravity, which produces a deviation from Newton's law of gravitation at cosmological distances. This mechanism can be realized for general
Schwinger terms in two-dimensional gravitation and Källén's Method
We evaluate the gravitational Schwinger terms for the specific 2-dimensional model of Weyl fermions in a gravitational background field using a technique introduced by Källén and find a relation
Schwinger terms in gravitation in two dimensions as a consequence of the gravitational anomaly
We compute the Schwinger term in the gravitational constraints in two dimensions, starting from the path integral in Hamiltonian form and the Einstein anomaly.
Renormalization of the Planck mass for type II superstrings on symmetric orbifolds
We compute the one-loop renormalization of the Planck mass for type II string theories compactified to four dimensions on symmetric orbifolds that preserve = 2 supersymmetry. Depending on the