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A process-scalable low-power charge-domain 13-bit pipeline ADC
A 13-bit ADC is implemented using a novel charge-domain architecture. Enhanced bucket-brigade circuitry and a tapered charge pipeline provide precision charge-domain operation in a standard CMOSExpand
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Triangulated Manifolds with Few Vertices: Vertex-Transitive Triangulations I
We describe an algorithm for the enumeration of (candidates of) vertex-transitive combinatorial $d$-manifolds. With an implementation of our algorithm, we determine, up to combinatorial equivalence,Expand
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Electrically pumped room temperature CW-VCSELs with emission wavelength of 2 /spl mu/m
Continuous-wave operation of an electrically pumped vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) with an emission wavelength of 2.01 µm employing a heavily strained active region is reported.
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Edge-Dominating Trails in AT-free Graphs
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Subject Index Vol. 72, Suppl. 1, 1999
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Fuel injector filter arrangement