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From Imāmiyya to Ithnā-'ashariyya
The Imāmī Shī'ī theory of the imāmate evolved gradually during the first Islamic century and was given a definitive shape in the middle of the second/eighth century by Hishām b. al-Ḥakam. For theExpand
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The position of the walad zinā in Imāmī Shī'ism
While the status of the offspring of illicit intercourse has long attracted the interest of Muslim scholars, it is a particularly significant—and problematic—issue within Imāmī Shī'ism. The problemExpand
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Some Zaydī Views on the Companions of the Prophet
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Revelation and Falsification
This work by a 3rd/9th century Shiʿi scholar deals with variant readings of the Qurʾan. Its most important part is the list of passages which were allegedly omitted or corrupted by the enemies of AliExpand
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The silent Qurʾan & the speaking Qurʾan : scriptural sources of Islam between history and fervor
A Word to the ReaderAcknowledgmentsIntroduction1. Violence and Scripture in the Book of Sulaym ibn Qays2. Qur'anic Recensions and Political Tendencies: Al-Sayyari and His Book of Revelation andExpand