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Hyperphosphorylation of glucosyl C6 carbons and altered structure of glycogen in the neurodegenerative epilepsy Lafora disease.
Laforin or malin deficiency causes Lafora disease, characterized by altered glycogen metabolism and teenage-onset neurodegeneration with intractable and invariably fatal epilepsy. Plant starchesExpand
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Ab initio calculation of the anisotropy effect of multiple bonds and the ring current effect of arenes—application in conformational and configurational analysis
Substituents containing magnetically anisotropic chemical bonds, e.g. double bonds, triple bonds or the aromatic phenyl ring, influence the shielding of any nucleus in the molecule by theirExpand
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JChemPaint - Using the Collaborative Forces of the Internet to Develop a Free Editor for 2D Chemical Structures.
The open source program JChemPaint for drawing 2D chemical structure, its current features, its envisioned further development and the principles enabling researchers and students at places all over the world to collaboratively develop such a program. Expand
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Anti-mosquito and antimicrobial nor-halimanoids, isocoumarins and an anilinoid from Tessmannia densiflora.
The nor-halimane diterpenoid tessmannic acid and its methyl, 2-methylisopropyl and 1-methylbutyl esters, the unusual isocoumarins 8-hydroxy-6-methoxy-3-pentylisocoumarin andExpand
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Visualization of through space NMR shieldings of aromatic and anti-aromatic molecules and a simple means to compare and estimate aromaticity
Through space NMR shieldings of aromatic (benzene, mono-substituted and annelated benzenes, ferrocene, [14]- and [18]-annulenes, phenylenes and tetra- to heptahelicene) and anti-aromatic moleculesExpand
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Self-Assembly into Multicompartment Micelles and Selective Solubilization by Hydrophilic−Lipophilic−Fluorophilic Block Copolymers
Amphiphilic linear ternary block copolymers (ABC) were synthesized in three consecutive steps by the reversible addition−fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) method. Using oligo(ethylene oxide)Expand
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1H NMR spectroscopy as a probe of intermolecular interactions in β-cyclodextrin inclusion compounds
Abstract1H NMR spectroscopy was used to probe the formation of inclusion compounds of permethylated and peracetylated ß-cyclodextrins as host molecules and a variety of electronically very differentExpand
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Four Ethical Issues of “E-Health”
Abstract This communication aims at introducing four ethical issues raised by e-health. The first one is the question of the generation and redefinition of the notion of “health data”, their usageExpand
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Substituent influences on the stability of the ring and chain tautomers in 1,3-O,N-heterocyclic systems: characterization by 13C NMR chemical shifts, PM3 charge densities, and isodesmic reactions.
Substituent effects on the stabilities of the ring and chain forms in a tautomeric equilibrium of five series of 2-phenyloxazolidines or -perhydro-1,3-oxazines possessing nine different substitutionsExpand
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