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Decentralization and the Quality of Government
How does political decentralization affect the quality of government? Greater decentralization might make governments more honest and efficient by bringing officials “closer to the people” andExpand
Comparing Varieties of Agency Theory in Economics, Political Science, and Sociology: An Illustration from State Policy Implementation*
As rational choice theory has moved from economics into political science and sociology, it has been dramatically transformed. The intellectual diffusion of agency theory illustrates this process.Expand
The Debate on Historical Sociology: Rational Choice Theory and Its Critics1
In the past two decades, many sociologists have denied the use‐fulness of general theories in favor of more particularistic ap‐proaches to historical explanation, which makes it difficult to specifyExpand
The Development and Decline of Medieval Voting Institutions: A Comparison of England and France
This paper argues that in the middle ages voting institutions emerged as mechanisms that allowed rulers to cooperate with subjects on mutually profitable projects. In spite of their utility, many ofExpand
Determinants of the Growth of the State: War and Taxation in Early Modern France and England
Although the causal impact of war on state-making in the early modern era is now widely accepted, there is less consensus about the way in which war affects levels of taxation, and the factors thatExpand
The Origins of Democracy in England
This article uses a rational choice model of the origins of democracy to analyze the political history of medieval England from the Norman conquest to the Hundred Years War. Why did a country justExpand
Could Privatization Increase the Efficiency of Tax Administration in Less‐Developed Countries?
In spite of the fact that state tax collection systems in less-developed countries generally are characterized by high levels of tax evasion and official corruption, little experimentation withExpand
Political Economy of Taxation
This review uses theories of political economy to provide an analytical history of systems of taxation, focusing on the determinants of total tax revenue, tax structure, and tax administration. WeExpand
The Perils of Privatization
Almost all premodern states and empires used privatized tax collection. Roman history is a good research site for the study of tax farming because it provides ample variation on its extent andExpand
African Patrimonialism in Historical Perspective
One of the most important political legacies of colonialism in Africa has been the reliance on the model of centralized bureaucratic administration, which has had disastrous consequences for AfricanExpand