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Extremely low vertical-emittance beam in the accelerator test facility at KEK.
Electron beams with the lowest, normalized transverse emittance recorded so far were produced and confirmed in single-bunch-mode operation of the Accelerator Test Facility at KEK. We established aExpand
The operational status of Pohang Light Source
  • J. Huang, T. Le, +5 authors M. Yoon
  • Physics
  • PACS. Proceedings of the Particle Accelerator…
  • 18 June 2001
From the year 2000, the PLS storage ring stores 2.5 GeV high-energy electron beam by raising the energy from the 2.0 GeV injection energy. The stored current is presently 180 mA, which is limited byExpand
Experimental validation of a novel compact focusing scheme for future energy-frontier linear lepton colliders.
Experimental results from the ATF2 accelerator at KEK are presented that validate the operating principle of a novel scheme for the focusing of high-energy leptons in future linear colliders by demonstrating the demagnification of a 1.3 GeV electron beam down to below 65 nm in height using an energy-scaled version of the compact focusing optics designed for the ILC collider. Expand
Plasma Science and Technology in the Limit of the Small: Microcavity Plasmas and Emerging Applications
Over approximately the past decade, a subfield of plasma science has arisen that is redefining frontiers in the physics of low temperature plasma and its applications. Concerned with the confinementExpand
Design of the RAON accelerator systems
The RAON is the name of the heavy ion accelerator facility under construction in Korea that includes the In-flight Fragment (IF) and Isotope Separation On-Line (ISOL) facilities to supportExpand
Analysis of neck fractures from frontal collisions at low speeds
Neck fracture is a major cause of death in traffic accidents. This pattern of injury normally occurs in a frontal collision or overturn of a vehicle. This study investigates the case of a neckExpand
Confinement of Microplasmas in Silicon Channels With Widths as Small as $< \hbox{5}\ \mu\hbox{m}$
Rare gas microplasmas confined in one dimension to <; 5 μm have been realized. Microchannels having cross sections in the form of a V-groove were fabricated in Si and microplasmas produced within theExpand
Design and simulation of muon ionization cooling channels for the Fermilab Neutrino Factory feasibility study
In the past few years, the concept of a high intensity muon storage ring has been pursued as an option for the next generation neutrino source. To produce the high intensity muon beam needed for theExpand
Development of an S-band cavity Beam Position Monitor for ATF2
We have developed an S-band cavity Beam Position Monitor (BPM) in order to measure the position of an electron beam in the final focus area at ATF2, which is the test facility for the final focusExpand
Preliminary physical and electromagnetic design for the injector of the heavy ion superconducting linac.
  • I. Hong, Y. Kim, +4 authors E. Kim
  • Medicine, Physics
  • The Review of scientific instruments
  • 1 February 2014
Various normal conducting bunchers, such as multi-harmonic buncher, velocity equalizer, radiofrequency quadrupole, and re-bunchers, will be used and have been electromagnetically calculated. Expand