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Double-Faced State: Political Patronage and the Consolidation of Democracy in Turkey
La Turquie a une forte tradition etatique dans ce sens ou, depuis l'Empire Ottoman jusqu'a nos jours, il y a toujours eu la presence d'une categorie particuliere d'elite qui agit au nom de l'Etat enExpand
Globalización, Modernidad y Democracia. El caso de Turquía | Modernity, Secularism and Islam. The Case of Turkey
Desde el 11-S el discurso del “choque de civilizaciones” ha jugado un papel importante en la conformacion de los asuntos mundiales, y ha llevado a una codificacion del islam como negacion de laExpand
Democracy, Identity, and Foreign Policy in Turkey
Outside USA, Canada & Australia: USA & Canada: Australia: Direct Customer Services, Palgrave Macmillan, VHPS, Customer Services, Palgrave Macmillan, 16365 James Madison Highway Palgrave Macmillan,Expand
Globalization, Security, and Migration: The Case of Turkey
The idea that intense processes of globalization force us to rethink the state-centric approach to the issue of security in the post-Cold War era is gaining currency in both academic and publicExpand
Globalization, alternative modernities and the political economy of Turkey
Abstract This paper is an attempt to provide a political economic analysis of the changing nature of Turkish modernity since the 1980s, especially in the 1990s. Our analysis is founded upon the threeExpand
EU-Turkey relations and the stagnation of Turkish democracy
The current stagnation of Turkish democracy goes hand in hand with the current impasse in EU-Turkey relations. A combination of domestic factors with a loss of credibility of EU conditionality led toExpand
Turkish foreign policy in the post-Arab Spring era: from proactive to buffer state
Our globalising world is presently in a state of global turmoil. Risk, uncertainty, and insecurity are the terms that shape global/regional/national/local affairs and developments. The refugee crisisExpand
The AK Party: Dominant Party, New Turkey and Polarization
One of the fiercest electoral battles fought in the Turkish political history, the March 30, 2014 local elections yielded results akin to an outcome of a general election. The AK Party's victo- ry inExpand
Modernity, Secularism and Islam
The resurgence of religious movements all over the world, their varying claims to identity and politics (from public deliberations to fundamentalism), and their success in generatingExpand