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Computer recognition of English word senses
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Structure and diversity
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Factors influencing the recruitment and retention of literacy learners in Oman
The study investigates factors influencing the recruitment and retention of learners in the national adult literacy programme in Oman.Personal interviews were conducted in the interior and CapitalExpand
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The Basics of Western Philosophy
Preface The Activity of Philosophy The Nature of Philosophy Logic and Language A Sketch of the History of Philosophy The Problems of Philosophy Metaphysics Epistemology Ethics Social and PoliticalExpand
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Irreducible Mind: Toward a Psychology for the 21st Century
Introduction Preface and Acknowledgments 1. A View from the Mainstream: Contemporary Cognitive Neuroscience and the Consciousness Debates 2. F. W. H. Myers and the Empirical Study of the Mind-BodyExpand
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Surge of neurophysiological activity in the dying brain
Borjigin et al. (1) describe recordings from electrodes implanted in rat brains that were made during and after cardiac arrest in rats. The surprising and unexplained 30-s surge in electricalExpand
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Prediction of Achievement for High School Students in College Courses
AbstractThis study reports a successful extension of previous research using grade point average and student ratings of teacher and course characteristics to predict high and low achievers in twoExpand
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