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Local population of Eritrichium caucasicum as an object of mathematical modelling. I. Life cycle graph and a nonautonomous matrix model
For the plant species, which is considered a short-lived perennial, we have composed a scale of ontogenetic stages and the life cycle graph (LCG) according to annual observations on permanent sampleExpand
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Local Population of Eritrichium caucasicum as an Object of Mathematical Modelling. II. How Short Does the Short-Lived Perennial Live?
In the previous publication (Logofet et al., 2017), we reported on constructing a matrix model for a local population of Eritrichium caucasicum at high altitudes of north-western Caucasus. The modelExpand
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How Long Does a Short-Lived Perennial Live? A Modeling Approach
We have composed a “scale of ontogenesis,” i.e., the sequence of ontogenetic stages, and the life cycle graph (LCG) for Androsace albana, a monocarpic plant species that is considered a short-livedExpand
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Evaluation of allelopathic activity of 178 Caucasian plant species
Seeking for new plant species as the main resources of bioactive chemicals is one of the fundamental steps in biological production science. The main objective of this paper was to screen for theExpand
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Local Population of Eritrichium caucasicum as an Object of Mathematical Modelling. III. Population Growth in the Random Environment
Abstract —In the former two parts (Logofet et al., 2017, 2018), we reported on a matrix model for a local population of Eritrichium caucasicum, a herbaceous short-lived perennial, at high altitudesExpand
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Fertilization and irrigation effects on the Geranium-Hedysarum Meadows, Northwestern Caucasus, Russia
  • E. Kazantseva
  • Biology
  • Moscow University Biological Sciences Bulletin
  • 22 March 2013
We investigated the response of an alpine highly productive plant community to soil nutrient addition and irrigation. A 10-year experiment, including additions of calcium, phosphorus, nitrogen,Expand
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Seed bank as a persistent problem in matrix population models: From uncertainty to certain bounds
Abstract Errors in the construction of matrix population models may lead to erroneous conclusions from modeling case studies, and neglecting the seed bank as a stage in the stage-structured model isExpand
Age of maturity or pre-reproductive period is an interval between seed germination and first flowering shoots appearance. Short-lived plants germinate and produce seeds within short period of time,Expand