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Five years on the wings of fork head
Since its discovery five years ago the conserved family of fork head/HNF-3-related transcription factors has gained increasing importance for the analysis of gene regulatory mechanisms duringExpand
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The POU Factor Oct-25 Regulates the Xvent-2B Gene and Counteracts Terminal Differentiation in Xenopus Embryos*
The Xvent-2B promoter is regulated by a BMP-2/4-induced transcription complex comprising Smad signal transducers and specific transcription factors. Using a yeast one-hybrid screen we have found thatExpand
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The Homeodomain Transcription Factor Xvent-2 Mediates Autocatalytic Regulation of BMP-4 Expression in XenopusEmbryos*
Like other genes of the transforming growth factor-β family, the BMP-4 gene is regulated by an autocatalytic loop. In Xenopus embryos this loop can be ectopically induced by injection of BMP-2 RNA.Expand
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The interaction of DNA with the DNA-binding domain encoded by the Drosophila gene fork head.
The Drosophila gene fork head (fkh) encodes a nuclear protein which shares sequence similarity with the rat hepatocyte-enriched transcription factor family HNF3 alpha-gamma. The sequence similarityExpand
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Target Site Determination for Xenopus Laevis Fork Head Related Transcription Factors
The correct temporal and spatial expression of developmentally controlled genes is achieved by the specific binding of trans-acting transcription factors (Beebee and Burke, 1992). These DNA-bindingExpand