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The first ternary europium tetraphenylimidodiphosphinate complex: X-ray structure and photoluminescent properties
Co-complexation of 1,10-phenanthroline with Eu(III) tetraphenylimidodiphosphinate complex results in dramatic, 45-fold photoluminescence enhancement.► The first case of ternary Eu(III)Expand
12-hydroxy-1-azaperylene-limiting case of the ESIPT system: enol-keto tautomerization in S0 and S1 states.
Observation of absorption and fluorescence of both tautomeric forms and lack of large Stokes shift offluorescence of the keto form classify HAP as the limiting case of the excited-state intramolecular proton transfer system. Expand
Low-temperature spectra of the analogues of 10-hydroxybenzo[h]quinoline as an indication of barrierless ESIPT.
The π-expansion of the 10-HBQ chromophore led to compounds possessing diverse photophysical properties, ranging from the non-ESIPT strongly fluorescent molecule of 10-hydroxy-1-azaperylene to weakly emitting (or nonemitting) molecules, where ESIPT occurs very efficiently. Expand
Single dibenzoterrylene molecules in naphthalene and 2,3-dimethylnaphthalene crystals: vibronic spectra.
The structure of DBT molecules in a 2,3-DMN crystal is disturbed in comparison with isolated DBT and the main change concerns its central tetracene moiety. Expand
Photoinduced water splitting with oxotitanium tetraphenylporphyrin.
The experimental results confirm the mechanism of water splitting and generation of OH˙ radicals proposed theoretically by Sobolewski and Domcke and confirm that photocatalytic water splitting occurs in pure water, and neither pH-bias nor external voltage is required to promote the reaction. Expand
Vibronic spectra of single dibenzoterrylene molecules in anthracene and 2,3-dimethylanthracene crystals
Abstract The vibronic structure of fluorescence excitation spectra of single molecules of dibenzoterrylene (DBT) in anthracene (Ac) and in 2,3-dimethylanthracene (2,3-DMA) crystals were studied at 5Expand
On the photo-stability of single molecules. Dibenzoterrylene in 2,3-dimethylnaphthalene crystals
Abstract Fluorescence intensity traces of single dibenzoterrylene molecules in 2,3-dimethylnaphthalene crystals were studied at 270 K. It was found that these molecules are considerably moreExpand
On photo-oxidation of single molecules
Abstract Fluorescence and fluorescence excitation spectra of terrylene in 9,10-dibromoanthracene matrix were studied at 5 K. Characteristic singlet oxygen phosphorescence, O 2 ( 1 Δ g ) → O 2 ( 3 Σ gExpand
Titanyl Phthalocyanine as a Water Photooxidation Agent
Photooxidation of water by a titanyl phthalocyanine (TiOPc) layer deposited on fused silica plates was investigated with excitation to the Soret and Q bands of the absorption spectrum. Partial waterExpand
2,5-bis(2′-benzoxazolyl)hydroquinone (BBHQ), a dually fluorescent ESIPT system revisited: XRD analysis and supersonic jet studies of deuterated species
Abstract The new experimental results of the dually emitting ESIPT molecule, the 2,5-bis(2′-benzoxazolyl)hydroquinone (BBHQ) are presented. The results of the XRD analysis are the following: the unitExpand