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Generalized - Contractive Type Mappings and Related Fixed Point Theorems with Applications
We establish fixed point theorems for a new class of contractive mappings. As consequences of our main results, we obtain fixed point theorems on metric spaces endowed with a partial order and fixedExpand
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Existence and uniqueness of a common fixed point on partial metric spaces
A generalized weak ϕ -contraction is considered on partial metric spaces to get a common fixed point. Expand
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Fixed point theorems for α-Geraghty contraction type maps in metric spaces
In this paper, we introduce a notion of α-Geraghty contraction type maps in the setting of a metric space. We also establish some fixed point theorems for such maps and give an example to illustrateExpand
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Fixed point theory for cyclic weak ϕ-contraction
  • E. Karapınar
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Appl. Math. Lett.
  • 1 June 2011
We show that a self-mapping T on a complete metric space X has a fixed point if it satisfied cyclic weak ϕ -contraction. Expand
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Fixed point theorems for operators on partial metric spaces
A new space called a partial metric space (PMS) has been introduced by Matthews [8,9]. Expand
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Generalizations of Caristi Kirk's Theorem on Partial Metric Spaces
In this article, lower semi-continuous maps are used to generalize Cristi-Kirk's fixed point theorem on partial metric spaces. First, we prove such a type of fixed point theorem in compact partialExpand
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Further fixed point results on G-metric spaces
Very recently, Samet et al. (Int. J. Anal. 2013:917158, 2013) and Jleli-Samet (Fixed Point Theory Appl. 2012:210, 2012) noticed that some fixed point theorems in the context of a G-metric space canExpand
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Fixed point theory for cyclic (ϕ - ψ)-contractions
In this article, the concept of cyclic (ϕ - ψ)-contraction and a fixed point theorem for this type of mappings in the context of complete metric spaces have been presented. The results of this studyExpand
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Fixed point theorems on quasi-partial metric spaces
In this paper, the concept of a quasi-partial metric space is introduced, and some general fixed point theorems are proved. Expand
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In this paper we obtain existence and uniqueness results for quadru- ple fixed points of operators F : X 4 ! X. We also give some examples to support our results.
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