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Prevalence and risk factors for brucellosis seropositivity in cattle in Nyagatare District, Eastern Province, Rwanda
The findings in this study confirmed the existence of brucellosis as a problem in Nyagatare and the authors recommend that farmer education on the epidemiology, risk factors and mitigation of the disease be undertaken as a matter of urgency. Expand
Comparison of cow-side diagnostic tests for subclinical mastitis of dairy cows in Musanze district, Rwanda
The study showed that compared to the PortaSCC® test, the CMT was the most preferable option, followed by the Draminski®, test, while the UdderCheck® test was the least preferable option for subclinical mastitis screening. Expand
Pathological findings of condemned bovine liver specimens and associated economic loss at Nyabugogo abattoir, Kigali, Rwanda.
It is concluded that fascioliasis was responsible for a significant proportion of the liver condemnations at Nyabugogo slaughterhouse in Kigali, and being a zoonosis, it is recommended an epidemio-surveillance, implementation of control measures and anthelmintic resistance investigation for fasCIoliasis in Rwanda. Expand
Study of Incidence of Gross Urogenital Lesions and Abnormalities on Does Slaughtered at Nyagatare Slaughterhouse, Eastern Province, Rwanda
Investigation of the occurrence and nature of reproductive and urinary tract abnormalities encountered in female goats slaughtered at Nyagatare abattoir in the Eastern Province of Rwanda showed that there was an overall occurrence of 7.8% reproductive organ/tract abnormalities and 10.6% urinary organ/Tract abnormalities. Expand
Prevalence of Haemonchus contortus Infections in Sheep and Goats in Nyagatare District, Rwanda
It was apparent that young female goats were at greater risk of H. contortus infection than young male goats, and targeted selective treatment using FAMACHA with emphasis on low-lying swampy pastures and appropriate anthelmintic drugs may be the most economically viable solution in the short term. Expand
A study of the incidence of milk fever in Jersey and Holstein cows at a dairy farm in Beatrice, Zimbabwe
It is confirmed that the risk of developing milk fever is higher in Jerseys and also increases with increasing parity and higher levels of milk production in both breeds, thus advocating for special considerations when dairy cows fit these criteria. Expand
Evaluation of meat safety knowledge, attitudes and practices among slaughter house workers of Amathole District in eastern Cape Province, South Africa
Assessment of the level of knowledge, attitudes towards meat safety and personal hygiene of slaughter personnel from low throughput and high throughput abattoirs showed basic hygiene compliance, aspects such as medical examination and professional training still need improvement. Expand
Characterization of poultry production and management systems in the communal areas of Namibia
A survey was conducted on 485 respondents from eight regions of Namibia to characterize their poultry production systems. The overall mean proportions of literacy level were, secondary (33.6%),Expand
Production performance of sheep and goat breeds at a farm in a semi-arid region of Namibia
Breed and lambing season interacted to produce effects on the birth weight of offspring although lambingSeason alone did not have a significant effect on Boer goat and Kalahari Red kids’ birth weights. Expand
A 3-year prospective study of the incidence of gastric ulcers in pigs slaughtered at Base Abattoir in Rwanda
It was concluded that the incidence of gastric ulceration in slaughter pigs at Base Abattoir was not associated with source (district) or sex of pigs but was associated with the carcass weight. Expand